Kassidy Roberts



Fighter, Trainer

Meet Kassidy Roberts,  as a Kickboxing instructor, Kassidy’s journey to greatness was shaped and honed under the tutelage of none other than the legendary 2x World Champion, Fran Zuccala.

With an aura of confidence and a relentless spirit, Kassidy stands tall as a living testament to the artistry and discipline of kickboxing.

From the very beginning, Kassidy displayed an insatiable hunger for martial arts, and it was only natural that fate brought them together with Fran Zuccala, the master of champions.

Now, as a Kickboxing instructor, Kassidy carries forward the legacy of excellence. Their classes are a fusion of technique, intensity, and inspiration. Whether teaching aspiring fighters or helping fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals, Kassidy’s dedication and charisma inspire everyone who walks through the gym doors.

With an infectious passion for the sport, Kassidy imparts the wisdom passed down by Fran Zuccala, nurturing a new generation of fighters who embody the spirit of respect and camaraderie. Students leave Kassidy’s classes not only with improved skills but also with newfound self-belief and confidence.

Outside the gym, Kassidy Roberts is not just a coach but also a mentor and friend to their students. Their compassionate nature and unwavering support create a welcoming and empowering environment for all. Kassidy continues to impact lives beyond the ring, encouraging others to embrace their potential and pursue their dreams.

In the world of kickboxing, Kassidy Roberts stands as a shining example of the legacy left by Fran Zuccala. With a heart of a champion and the wisdom of a master, Kassidy inspires others to rise to their full potential and leave an indelible mark on the sport they love.


Private tuition is an extremely effective way to learn at your own speed and maximise your progress either on their own or in addition to our group classes. Kassidy offers both private kickboxing classes and personal training at affordable rates. Please get in touch for more details.

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